The Bell name is synonymous with innovation, technology, engineering excellence and superior helmet performance. The latest generation of Bell Racing helmets feature reviewed interior designs, for better comfort and fit, and particular attention is paid to every small detail, making each Bell helmet truly unique.






Bell HP helmets have been developed to meet or exceed the FIA8860 Advanced Helmet Standard.

This standard was developed by the FIA to improve overall helmet performance and safety and is known as the most severe racing helmet standard. Since 2004, when Bell introduced the first FIA8860 helmet in the world, the HP helmets have been constantly improved. The current models are the direct result of our intense Research & Development program combined with a close collaboration with F1 and other top professional drivers and their teams.

For maximum safety, the Bell HP helmets feature a pure carbon shell using proprietary high pressure molding technology, combined with a specific expanded polystyrene energy absorbing liner. Tests show that in certain impacts, the Bell HP helmets absorb up to 40 per cent more energy!

Depending on the fit pad size and the mounted accessories such as spoilers, flaps or air intake, the Bell HP helmets weigh only 1290 grams (+/- 5%) in size 59, making them the lightest and the safest helmets currently available in the world for automobile racing.

SPORTS MINI LINE has launched the concept of creating a half scale exact replica of famous racing drivers.

Unlike conventional models, SPORTS MINI LINE helmets have been designed by recognized leaders in the racing helmet industry, featuring a high level of engineering excellence. As the full size real racing helmets, SPORTS MINI LINE helmets are hand made by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Using high technology components, the shell, the interior and the visor are technically identical and are made with similar materials as the real racing helmets.

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