RS3 Prohp7

The Bell HP5 uses the same high-end technology as the HP7. It features a larger aperture, making this helmet more appropriate for closed cars.


THE HP5 Touring Specifications

  • Super high strength carbon composite shell
  • Larger aperture for optimal use in closed cockpit cars
  • Adjustable sun peak with anti-dazzle strip included in the box.
  • Powerful top and chin bar ventilations
  • Top forced air and side forced air intakes available separately for use with an external cooling system or with a simple airduct system
  • factory fitted FHR posts as original equipment

FIA 8860 Advanced Helmet certified

SNELL SA2015 Homologated

Size Range: 57 to 61+ / Fleeced lined helmet bag included

Recommended Retail Price :

HP5 : € 1950.00 + Tax
Top Forced Air : € 125.00 + Tax
Side Forced Air :
€ 125.00 + Tax